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Tenor Horn Recordings

If you don't have these recordings in your library, you should.

The Voice of the Tenor Horn, Yorkshire Building Society.  Soloist: Sheona White.

Without a doubt, the #1 solo album every tenor horn player MUST have.  But, since it's new, you're forgiven ... for now.

IMHO, Sheona White is the reigning champ of the tenor horn, and this album proves it on every track.  Though some of the cuts are from previously released YBS albums, this collection covers just about every base.  This is the standard from which we should all aspire to.

Track List: Title (Composer, Arranger) [Time]

1  The Piper o’ Dundee (Kenneth Downie) [4.54]
2  Bel Canto (Kenneth Downie) [5.54]
3  Rainforest from Windows of the World (Peter Graham) [2.39]
4  Prelude de Concert (Code,Pullin) [4.49]
5  Demelza (Nash) [5.10]
6  Suil a Ruin from Cry of the Celts (Hardiman / Dudley,Graham) [2.12]
7  Capriccio Brillante (Bellstedt,Smith) [4.23]
8  A Time for Peace (Peter Graham) [3.51]
9  Notturno (Strauss,Downie) [6.42]
10  Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Mozart,Antrobus) [8.18]
11  Concert Etude (Goedicke,Pullin) [3.18]
12  Over the Rainbow (Arlen & Harburg,Richards) [4.08]
13  Rhapsody for E Flat Soprano Cornet (Roberet Eaves) [6.08]

The Classic Horn Collection, The JJB Sports Leyland Band.  Soloist: William Rushworth.

William Rushworth is the Technique King.  Accompanied by The JJB Sports Leyland Band, he demonstrates his magic, especially with his rendition of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.

A serious MUST for any tenor horn player.

Track List: Title (Composer, Arranger) [Time]

1  Horn Concerto No 3 - I Allegro (Mozart,A Owenson) [6.02]
2  II Romanze (Mozart,A Owenson) [4.34]
3  III Rondo (Mozart,A Owenson) [3.43]
4   Demelza (H Nash) [4.04]
5  The Debutante (Clark,Thompson) [5.25]
6  Song of the Seashore (Trad,Catherall) [3.42]
7  Traumerie (Schumann,Snell) [3.09]
8   Queen of the Night Aria (Act II Die Zauberflöte) (Mozart,Golland) [3.07]
9   Flower Song from Carmen (Bizet,Snell) [4.04]
10  Solveig's Song (Grieg,Chapman) [5.01]
11  Concerto for Violin - I Andante (Mendelssohn,Hopkinson) [8.02]
12  II Allegro (Mendelssohn,Hopkinson) [3.43]

Sonata; Soloist: Gordon Higginbottom.

Billed as the "Legendary" Gordon Higginbottom ... we must always remember that he is the man who started it all - the first tenor horn virtuoso - in his only solo album.

IMHO, there are some definite rough spots in the album. But just hearing the clarity of his tonguing in Just a Minute makes up for it.

Track List: Title (Composer, Arranger) [Time]

1  Hunter's Moon (G Vinter,T Dodd) [6.08]
2  Song of the Seashore (Trad.,A Catherall) [3.35]
3  O Dear - What Can the Matterhorn! (Alphorn Solo) (M E Hokinson,Alphorn Solo) [6.32]
4  New York Impressions (Tony Cliff) [5.08]
5  Just a Minute (or Two!) (M E Hopkinson) [2.40]
6  Berceuse ('Dolly Suite') (Faure,M E Hopkinson) [3.05]
7   Sonata for Horn & Piano (John Golland) [18.04]
8  Le Cor Vole (William Relton) [5.21]
9  Romance (Sanit-Saens,W Relton) [3.30]
10   Jenny Jones (M E Hopkinson) [6.10]

Versatility, The Leyland Band & Jonathan Martindale (piano).  Soloist: Daniel Powell.

This CD is a splendid showcase for the talents of Brighouse and Rastrick Bands young 1st horn, Daniel Powell. A former member of Youth 2000, Wigston Band and the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and Leyland Band.

Track List: Title (Composer, Arranger) [Time]

1  The Debutante (HL Clark,G Thomson) [5.42]
2  Demelza (Hugh Nash) [4.18]
3  Horn Concerto - Lento (Ole Schmidt) [6.32]
4  - Allegro Guisto (Ole Schmidt) [8.10]
5  Finale from the Violin Concerto (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) [3.54]
6  Lark in the Clear Air (Gordon Langford) [3.54]
7  Saxhorn Sonata - Andante Serioso, ma con moto (Arthur Butterworth) [10.51]
8  - Vivace e Giocoso (Butterworth) [2.43]
9  - Adagio molto, misterioso e lontano (Butterworth) [5.38]
10  Fantasy for Tenor Horn (Rob Collinson) [8.32]

Untold Stories, The Leyland Band & Jonathan Martindale (piano).  Soloist: Owen Farr.

This is the next must-have CD for Tenor Horn players.  Farr is a most incredible player who does some amazing thing.  His verison of the Mendelssohn is the best I've heard yet!

Track List: Title (Composer, Arranger) [Time]

1  Bride of the Waves (Herbert Lincoln Clarke) [4.50]
2  An Untold Story (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) [3.50]
3  Variations sur la Thema Favori (Jean Baptiste Arban / Farr) [6.48]
4  Salm O Dewi Sant (Karl Jenkins / Small) [3.57]
5  Fugitive (Rodney Newton) [9.42]
6  Variations on a Welsh Theme (Peter Kneal) [7.19]
7  Banks and Braes (Charles Miller / Collinson) [5.30]
8  Finale from Violin Concerto (Felix Mendelssohn / Hopkinson) [3.23]
9 - 11 Concerto for Tenor Horn and Brass Band (Gareth Wood) [5.34]

Concerto; The Black Dyke Mills Band

It's an honor to hear Sandy Smith play Gareth Wood's "Concertino."

Sovereign Soloists; Rochedale Band

Yet more Sandy Smith, this time performing Apres Un Reve, arr. Gordon Langford, and Jenny Jones by W. Rimmer.

Grimethorpe; The Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

A wonderful recording of The Lark in the Clear Air (arr. Gordon Langford) performed by Melvyn Bathgate.

Black Dyke Mills Band Celebrate 150 Years; The Black Dyke Mills Band.

Sheona White was not the first to record Herman Bellstedt's Capriccio Brillante.  Sandy Smith performs the piece here (which is only fitting since it's his arrangement!).

Titanic Brass; The Drighlington Band..

William Rushworth performs two solos on this CD; Del Steiger's arrangement of Carnival of Venice and Penn's Smilin' Through.

Grimethorpe in Concert; The Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band.

Sandy Smith shows off a very dark tone with Streisand's Evergreen, arranged by Catherall..

Journey Into Freedom; Enfield Citadel Band.

Great solos from Sheona White and Steve Sykes (on Tuba, of course).

Track List: Title (Composer) [Time]

2 Episode for Horn (Peter Graham)[5.52]
5 The Old Rustic Bridge (Eric Leidzen)[7.38]
8 The Depths of His Love (James Curnow)[5.16]


Now, these clearly aren't ALL of the recordings a tenor horn player should have, but it's a start. If you can recommend others, PLEASE drop me an E-mail and make your suggestion!