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There aren't a lot of choices when it comes to mouthpieces. Here is a listing of mouthpieces readily available.

Your input on this is greatly appreciated. Let me know your mouthpiece thoughts and I'll include them.

Denis Wick

Model No. Cup Diam. Bore Backbore Description
2 19.00mm 5.20mm V-type All DW tenor (alto) horn mouthpieces use deep funnel cups for maximum quality of tone and flexibility with matched throats and backbores for perfect intonation.
3 18.50mm 5.20mm V-type
5 17.50mm 5.20mm open-V


Model No. Depth of Cup Approx. Cup Dia. Rim Shape Description
3 Medium 19.75mm Medium wide Fairly large, with full tone for the players with a good embouchure.
5 Medium 19.20mm Medium wide An excellent design for the well developed player. Produces great volume and responds easily.
6 Medium 19.00mm Medium wide The same qualities as No. 5 but slightly smaller in size.
7 Medium 18.50mm Medium wide A medium-small mouthpiece most suitable for players with a sensitive embouchure.
12 Medium 18.30mm Medium wide A small mouthpiece for players with weak embouchures and for those who have difficulty with the high register.


Model No. Inner Rim Diameter (mm) Rim Contour Rim Thickness Cup Depth Throat (mm) Backbore Playing Characteristics
37C4 18.60 semi-flat standard standard 5.25 standard Medium inner rim diameter and cup volume. Bright tone. Easy to play from the lowest to highest notes. Outstanding endurance.
38D4 18.90 semi-flat Semi-deep 5.25 5.25 standard Large inner rim diameter and a fairly deep cup produce a rich, heavy tone. Popular with top British amateurs.


Model No. Millim. Inches - Decimal Inches - Fraction Description
38D 19.73 .777 25/32 Fairly large in size, the choice of one of the country's greatest alto horn soloist, Brig. Chesham (retired) of the Salvation Army (Chicago).

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