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Al Perkins
Welcome to Al's Tenor Horn Page, sister site to Al's Mellophone Page.  This page will hopefully serve to promote, legitimize, bolster, support, celebrate and dispel any myths surrounding the Tenor Horn, Alto Horn and all other Eb/F alto brasses.

Greg Monks

With the assistance of Greg Monks, we strive to be a great resource for those who love this seldom-respected instrument.

Due to popular demand, we've included a series of links (on the Links page, of all places) of websites that will help you ID your instrument by its serial number. If you know of other sites, please send them my way so I can include them!

If you're reading this page, you should listen to The MelloCast!    Each week or so, Al gets together with Mellophone and Middle Brass specialists from the worlds of classical, jazz and corps to discuss all things middle-brass INCLUDING THE TENOR HORN!  So go to the website, go to iTunes (or click here: ),-- just go, listen and tell everyone you know to tune in!  Go on, tell them now.  We'll wait ...

But if you HAVE to listen now, you can listen right here!

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As always, feel free to E-mail me at nymellophone@outook.com.

Stuff I'd love to hear about include:

  • Mouthpiece Comparisons
  • Recording Reviews
  • Solo Literature
  • Practice Tips
  • Message Boards
  • Links
  • ... and any and all things Tenor Horn!

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